Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh…


Year 2013 is a challenging year for AKUATROP. We have to reflect back our roles and function as a player in the aquaculture sector both at local and international level. AKUATROP aspires to be an Aquaculture Reference and Service Excellence Centre (ARASE) as the way for aquaculture sector.

In order to realize these aspirations, AKUATROP have decided to focus on three main theme, Food Security, Industry Empowerment and Resource Sustainability. Under the Food Security Theme, AKUATROP plans to produce high quality brood stock, in order to produce superior quality larvae especially for the tilapia cage culture industry.  This hopefully will enhance the tilapia production and contribute to NKEA in agriculture sector target. For the second theme: Industry Empowerment, AKUATROP plan to produce broodstock of marine shrimps under the BMC program to produce superior brood-stock. This broodstock should also be able to grow faster, disease resistance and high in fecundity. For the 3rd theme: Resources Sustainability,  AKUATROP hopes to be  a champion to produce crab and lobster juveniles released to the wild environment especially in Setiu Wetlands and Pulau Redang coastal water, Terengganu. This is to ensure the population of both invertebrates can be sustainable to support the fishing industry. 

In order to achieve the objectives, AKUATROP have planned activities with many agencies especially with Department of Fisheries Malaysia, local and international university and entrepreneurs in the aquaculture industry. The collaboration will involve the sharing of facilities, technology and human resources.

I sincerely hope that all AKUATROP staff can work together as an effective team to ensure AKUATROP be recognized as Aquaculture Reference and Service Excellence Centre (ARASE) and create a significant impact to the Aquaculture Industry. Thank you.