AKUATROP Aspiration

In collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) research centre,  national and international organization, AKUATROP hope to contribute towards:-

  • To improve adequacy of food, production and the standard of living in the seafood industry.
  • Introducing the preservation of high value aquatic resources.
  • Providing energy resource training and training in aquaculture as well as easy reference and facilities for researchers and the public.

            Reach HICoE in 2016 service and consultation in line with the vision and planning of UMT.


         Recognized as ‘Aquaculture Reference and Service Excellence Centre’ – ARASE



    AKUATROP Objective

  • To conduct research in aquaculture.
  • To become a leading regional player in aquaculture focused on critical field of research.
  • To make an impact on the lives of aqua-farmers and the aquaculture industry of the country.
  • To strengthen capacity building and provide specialized training and degree programs in aquaculture