Fish Disease Workshop

16 Apr 07

Management of fish diseases is a very crucial aspect in the management of aquaculture. Hence UMT has organized this workshop to assist farmers and researchers in the field of fish disease.

This is the first in a series of Fish Disease workshop organized by AKUATROP. The aims of this workshop are to educate and also provide information to the participants for the benefit of their future research and also to reinforce the development of local aquaculture industry. The fish disease workshop was held on 16-19 April 2007 at Biodiversity Lab and Microbiology Lab of UMT.

The objective of this workshop was to provide hands on training to aquaculturist and researcher on dealing with problems of fish disease. The listed objectives were fulfilled and the event met up to expectations. This workshop had provided a clear vision on fish disease management.

The workshop was successful due to commitment and dedication of committee members. All the events planned ran smoothly and received positive responses from the participants. Participants are looking forward for another seminar or workshop to be organized in the future. It is suggested that future workshops should include other topics of disease. This is a meaningful success since this is the first fish disease workshop ever organized by AKUATROP. The participation was encouraging, ranging from government and non government staff and students from UMT.

As a conclusion, it is hoped that future seminars can be improved and able to assist in developing aquaculture research in UMT and the country.