AKUATROP 2nd Open Day 2010


AKUATROP 2nd Open Day 2010 was pertinently themed as “Aquaculture Product as Source of Food” which became a key to organize this event on the 31st October 2010 at AKUATROP’s office and As-Safa Lab. The opening ceremony was inaugurated by UMT Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Aziz Deraman with accompaniment of AKUATROP Director and Deputy Director. This event obtained collaborations from             Office of Corporate Communication, Faculty of Agrotechnology and Food Science, Security Unit and Sultanah Nur Zahirah Library (PSNZ).

In the opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Aziz Deraman demonstrated the induced-breeding technique of the catfish to audience. This process began by stripping the eggs from female broodstock into the bowl and mixing with the sperm (from the male broodstock) and stirring before placement in the egg incubator. This is the normal process in the induced breeding of freshwater catfish, especially for catfish production.

The main objective of this event was to inform and show the public, especially community, around UMT and also UMT community about the potentials of the aquaculture to generate incomes. Besides that, this event became a platform to show AKUATROP as the one of the institutes involved in aquaculture research. Research can contribute in aquaculture production and this was proven by the technique to produce soft shell crab and food processing of tilapia to produce tilapia burger, tilapia maruku and tilapia chip.

The aquaculture operators were also invited in this event to share their knowledge, experience and sell their product to the visitors. These included soft shell crab producer who is getting advised from AKUATROP lecturer, Dr. Mhd Ikhwanuddin Abdullah to operate his system and to produce soft shell crab.  Aquaponic operator from Kg. Telaga Batin also joined this event to sell their catfish and vegetable. This project is a community project introduced by AKUATROP and get support from the Department of Fisheries Terengganu, Department of Agriculture Terengganu and Community Telaga Batin. Product processing from tilapia was also showed by Mr. Fisal Hj. Ahmad, lecturer from the Department of Food Science, FASM

Research activities by AKUTAROP lecturers that showed in this events included marine tilapia culture, Malaysia giant prawn, algae culture (live food), fish health management, Malaysian mahseer, marine and freshwater ornamental fish, potential of freshwater oyster culture at Tasik Kenyir and models of the aquaculture production systems which was designed by students.

Dr. Shahreza Md. Sheriff and Dr. Nur Asma Arifin from the Department of Science Fisheries and Aquaculture also displayed their poster and product research about the triploid breeding of catfish and research on Cleaner Wrasse, Labroides dimidiatus. Dr. Mhd Ikhwanuddin Abdullah and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anuar Hassan also gave short talk on production of soft shell crab technique and induced breeding of catfish with the help from AKUATROP research staffs.

This event could attract many visitors from community, UMT staff and 540 students including their teachers from 14 secondary schools around Terengganu. These schools such as SMK Mengabang Telipot, SBPI Batu Rakit, SMK Ibrahim Fikri, SM Imtiaz Besut, SMK Kompleks Gong Badak, SMK Sultan Sulaiman, SMK Tg. Mizan Zainal Abidin, SMK Sheikh Malik, SMK Bukit Tunggal, SM Sains Dungun, SM Sains Kuala Terengganu, SMK Padang Midin, Sek. Tunas Bakti (P) Marang  dan SMK Lembah Bidong.  All this students also visited Sultanah Nur Zahirah Library and Marine Hatchery while waiting for the short talk.

As a conclusion, AKUATROP 2nd  Open Day 2010 achieved its objective to introduce aquaculture sector as a key to generate incomes and source of food and also to introduce UMT and AKUATROP as one of the Center of Excellence that doing research on aquaculture among the public universities in Malaysia.


Workshop on “Identification, Techniques of Fixation, Preparation for SEM and TEM of Fish Myxosporean Parasite”

25 Okt 1015 Researchers and Assistant Researchers in Malaysia attended a 2 day a workshop entitled “IDENTIFICATION, TECHNIQUES OF FIXATION AND PREPARATION OF SEM OF FISH MYXOSPOREAN PARASITE ” held by Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) under Institute of Tropical Aquaculture (AKUATROP) and The National Fish Health Research Centre (NaFISH). The researchers were from Bio-security Laboratory, Fisheries Department and some reseachers from private sectors.

The event was held on the 25-26 of October 2010 at NaFISH office, Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang. The workshop focused on the identification aspect, method of preservation and preparation of samples for Scanning Electron Microscope on fish Myxosporean. For these 2 days, they were taught the teory and practical lessons regarding this matter because this disease are not so well known in Malaysia. According to the Director of AKUATROP Institute, UMT, Prof. Dr. Faizah binti Shaharom, research regarding the Myxosporidia parasite in the fish need to be recognized by other reseachers so that methods of prevention be instituted before it actually paralyze the aquaculture and fisheries industries in Malaysia.

She also stated that there was a need to get more information regarding this Myxosporean disease because most of the diagnostic laboratory personnel in Malaysia were not trained to diagnose this parasite and the effects it can have on the aquaculture industry. This was one of the reasons Prof. Dr. Csaba Szekely from the Veterinarian Medical Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Science was invited to Malaysia to conduct the workshop and to investigate further research into this branch of fish disease.

“Prior to this he had come to conduct research in Malaysia together with local researchers in 2002 and 2007 and as a result, they have discovered several new species of parasites in fish in this group Myxosporidia,” she explains more regarding the matter.

The workshop has benefited the local participants who expressed that they are now able to diagnose fish Myxosporean parasites. This knowledge will be useful as they can now take steps to prevent the widespread occurrence of this disease which if allowed to proliferate can be disastrous to the aquaculture industry as they can cause gross, unsightly growths on fish much to the distaste of consumers as happened to fish in Lake Balaton a popular tourist destination in Tihany, Hungary. Prof. Dr. Csaba Szekely was sponsored by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Academy Science Malaysia under the distinguished visitor programme of “Brain Gain Malaysia”.

Freshwater Cultured Fishes Workshop For PERTIS Members


Persatuan Orang-orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam Malaysia (PERTIS) from Terengganu is a non government agency (NGO) which has been established since 2001 to support the activities and to take care of sight disorder persons. This workshop from the initiative of the Economic and Entrepreneur Biro in PERTIS to introduce aquaculture sector as tool to generate additional income for the members. To achieve objective, PERTIS sent the intention letter to request Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) to organize a workshop on how to culture freshwater fish especially on catfish and tilapia.

For that, UMT with the help from Institute of Tropical Aquaculture (AKUATROP) organized this workshop starting from 1st – 2nd June 2010 at Bina Syarahan Hall and Freshwater Hatchery, FASM. This two day workshop was one of the Social Responsible Programmes in UMT. 34 people participated in this workshop with 23 male and 11 female participants. They were divided into 4 groups such as totally blind persons (13 people), dim persons (12 people), limbs disorder person (1 people) and they were helped by their normal relatives, 8 people.

Opening ceremony  was completed by UMT Vice Chancellor, the Honorable Prof. Dr. Aziz B. Deraman accompanied Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Internationalization), Prof. Dr. Noor Azhar bin Mohamed Shazili, AKUATROP Director, Prof. Faizah Dr. Shaharom, and AKUATROP Deputy Director, Prof. Madya Dr. Anuar Hassan and PERTIS Malaysia YDP En. Mohamad Ismail. The Deputy Director of Industry Networking and Community Service Centre (INCOMS), YM Raja Arif Raja Ali completed the closing ceremony.