Knowledge Transfer Programmes


Four Main Knowledge Transfer Programmes

Every year AKUATROP will organize seminars and forums at the national and international levels related to aquaculture and fisheries based on 4 research programmes in AKUATROP namely:

  1. Aquacultures Resources Sustainability
  2. Aquaculture Breeding Technology
  3. Aquaculture Green Technology
  4. Fish Health and Food Quality Assurance.

Forums and seminars will usually involve well-known experts from around the world in the field of aquaculture and fisheries as invited panels.


In line with the current situation, AKUATROP is also able to organize online seminars and forum to ensure that knowledge transfer programmes can be done successfully. AKUATROP is now known as the pioneer of the online Forum known as FORAS or Forum on Aquaculture Services which has taken place nationally and internationally. This forum is held for an hour from 10-11 am in the first week of each month.

Workshops organized by AKUATROP are usually specific based on the current request by industry or related organisations. Workshops will be planned for a capacity of 5-20 participants to maximise the transfer of knowledge to participants. The following is a list of workshops usually organised by AKUATROP.

  • Histology Workshop for Aquatic Organism
  • Parasitology Workshop for Aquatic Organism
  • Genetic Workshop for Aquatic Organism
  • Bioinformatics Workshop for Aquatic Organism
  • Application of Biofloc Technology in Aquaculture Industry
  • Analysis of Water Quality for Aquaculture

Industrial training exposes undergraduate students to professional skills and experiences in hatchery management and aquaculture based laboratory practices within 1 to 3 months. In preparing the students for the real working environment as aqua culturist, industrial training helps to produce aquaculture graduates with technical and soft skills competency.

Students from various national and international institutions are able to undergo industry training  at AKUATROP. Among some of our previous industry training partner institutions include Universiti Selangor (UNISEL), Kolej Komuniti Tampin, Kolej Komuniti Bera, Politeknik Jeli, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Thailand and National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Taiwan.

Apart from that, AKUATROP also receives outreach training from the industry who are interested in sending their staff to undergo intensive training, especially in the field of hatchery management and breeding of aquatic animals such as mud crabs, giant fresh water prawn and ornamental fish for a week or a month. The following are the list of courses available in AKUATROP:

  • Basic Giant Freshwater Prawn Breeding Course
  • Basic Ornamental Freshwater Fish Breeding Course
  • Basic Mud Crab Breeding Course
  • Basic Marine Ornamental Fish Breeding Course

For application and more information please contact Madam Solihah Ahmad (Senior Assistant Registrar) at for further assistance.